Saturday, January 10, 2009


Why do puneites have a fetish of honking??!! It is like if you don't have anything interesting to do while riding a bike people honk!!At times while driving i feel like suggesting people to use their brakes ones in a while.The riders in this city easily swap the purpose of brakes with horns.For instance when any person happens to bump in the middle of the road,the riders prefer to honk extensively instead of applying brakes and slowing down a bit.
Somehow i find honking very much nerve recking.I use to have these silly nightmares that i am driving on my activa on a calm road with greenery following me.The road is so quiet and calm that i could hear my brain instructing my organs :) and boom a GHATEE biker with his 55hz horn honks from behind,i skip my heart beat and meet with an accident.I just hope this never become true.
Apart from all the jokes and cliches i would really like to know why doesn't our government ascertain the horn's sound producing limit?I mean the manufacturing companies must not affix a horn which produces sound more than 20hz.
I pity the city's traffic police who shall be a victim of hearing impairment with lung malfunctioning and several chronicle disabilities..!!!